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Get the best Google ads services in Harrisburg, PA. Our Google Ads Agency helps you reach your target audience. To get started, talk to our Google Ads expert.

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What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform created by Google that allows businesses and individuals to create and display ads to potential customers across the internet. With Google Ads, advertisers bid on specific keywords or phrases relevant to their products or services, and their ads are displayed to users who search for those terms on Google or visit websites that are part of the Google Display Network.

How are Google Ads different from SEO?

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform that shows your ads at the top of Google search results or on other websites, while SEO is a process of optimizing your website to rank higher in organic search results. Google Ads provides immediate results, but you pay for each click, while SEO takes time to show results but can be more cost-effective in the long run.

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Types of Google Ads Services

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Search Ads

Text-based ads that appear at the top or bottom of Google search results when users search for specific keywords or phrases.

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Display Ads

Image or video-based ads that appear on websites that are part of the Google Display Network, which includes millions of websites and apps.

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Shopping Ads

Ads that feature product images, descriptions, and prices that appear in Google search results or on Google Shopping.

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Video Ads

Ads that appear before, during, or after YouTube videos, or in other Google video partners' content.

Fun Fact

SEO can help you reduce your overall advertising costs, particularly Google ads, because you will be ranking for specific keywords and have a high-quality score.

You must be asking...

Why should you invest in Google Ads?

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Fast results

Unlike search engine optimization (SEO), which can some take time to see results, Google Ads can provide immediate visibility, traffic, and even sales to your website.

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Targeted Advertising

Google Ads allows your business to target specific audiences based on factors such as location, keywords, interests, and demographics.

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Better Brand awareness

Even if people don't click on your ad, simply seeing it can help build brand awareness and recognition.

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Measurable results

Google Ads provides detailed metrics on how your campaign is performing, including the number of clicks, impressions, and conversions. This data helps your business understand what works and what doesn't and adjust.

Our Google Ads Management Process

We provide the best

Google ads Management Services

Our Google ads agency the best Google Ads services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania helps your business to reach its target audience, generate leads and sales, and improve its online visibility and brand awareness.

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Account setup and management

Our Google Ads agency setup and manages your business's Google Ads account, properly configuring and optimizing it to achieve the best results. This includes creating campaigns, ad groups, and selecting relevant targeting options.

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Keyword research and analysis

Our Google Ads agency conducts keyword research (and keyword forecast) to identify the best keywords for your business to target, and monitor and analyze keyword performance to optimize its campaigns.

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Ad creation and optimization

Our Google Ads agency creates and optimizes ads for your business, including ad copy (Headings), ad design, and targeting options. We also perform A/B testing to determine the most effective ads.

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Landing page optimization

We also optimize your landing pages to improve their user experience and increase the chance of conversions. This includes optimizing page speed, layout, content, and more.

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Bid management and budget optimization

Our Google Ads agency manages your ad bids to ensure that your business gets the most value from its ad spend. We also optimize your budget to achieve the best possible return on investment (ROI).

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Performance tracking and reporting

We track and report on the performance of your ad campaigns, providing insights and recommendations for improvement.

Google Ads Management Package

All our local SEO services are uniquely designed to increase your website's visibility for local keywords (e.g Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.)in your area. The results of a successful SEO increase traffic, visibility, and sales.
*The deliverables below are for all fully managed SEO services plans.

Site Audit
Keyword research
Ad creation
Ad targeting
Ad optimization
A/B Testing
PPC management
On-Page SEO
Campaign management
Google Ads Specialist
Google Merchant Center
Reporting and analysis
How much does google ads services cost?

Get Professional google ads services from only $599 p/m

Meet with one of our google ads specialist to get started today.

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Our Services

Digital Marketing Services

Ready to reach a larger audience, target specific audiences, and more? Get the best digital marketing services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that help your business grow. Our Digital Marketing Services include:

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Brand Identity

Our marketing agency creates strong brand identity to help you establish trust and credibility with your customers. Our brand identity services include brand name, logo, tagline, color palette, typography, imagery, and messaging, and more.

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Web Design

Boost your online presence by advertising your business 24/7. Our no-code web design services include web development, mobile responsive, user-friendly, copywriting, imagery, and more.

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Increase your websites online visibility online, traffic, user experience and sales with our professional SEO services. Our SEO Agency's SEO services include local SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Technical SEO, and E-commerce SEO.

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Pay-per-click is an online advertising platform that advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their ads. Our PPC services include creating and placing ads on various platforms such as search engines (Google), social media, and more.

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Our Services

SEO Services

Our full service Harrisburg SEO company provides the best SEO services in Pennsylvania custom to your business. Take a look at our SEO services that help your business grow and dominate your competition.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of improving visibility or ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, etcetera, naturally or organically for local businesses.

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On-page SEO

On-page SEO (or "on-site SEO") is optimizing web pages to improve a website's search ranking and visibility. On-page SEO involves image optimization, HTML tags, schema markup, structured data, content marketing and more.

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Link Building SEO (Off-Page SEO)

Off-page SEO (or "off-site SEO") is optimizing outside of your website to improve its rankings. Off-page SEO includes link building, guest posting, broken link building, and more.

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Ecommerce SEO icon

E-commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is the optimization of an online store. E-commerce SEO is an organic, natural, or free way of increasing traffic to your website by making it more visible on search engine results pages.

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What are Google Ads ranking factors?

Here are the key factors that make Local SEO tick.

Quality Score

Quality Score is a rating system that Google uses to evaluate the quality and relevance of your ad and landing page to the user's search query. It is based on factors such as the relevance of the keywords, ad copy, and landing page experience.

Bid amount

Your bid amount determines how much you are willing to pay for each click on your ad. The higher your bid, the more likely your ad is to show in a top position.

Ad Relevancy

Your ad relevance score is based on how closely your ad matches the user's search query. Ad relevance is influenced by factors such as the keywords used, ad copy, and landing page experience.

Expected click-through rate (CTR)

This is an estimate of how likely your ad is to be clicked, based on historical data and the relevance of your ad to the user's search query. Ads with higher expected CTRs are more likely to show in top positions.

Landing page experience

Google evaluates the quality and relevance of the landing page to which your ad leads. Factors that can impact landing page experience include page speed, mobile-friendliness, and relevant content.

Ad format and extensions:

Different ad formats, such as text, image, and video, can impact ad performance. Ad extensions, such as callouts, sitelinks, and location extensions, can also improve ad performance and increase the likelihood of clicks.

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Here are some testimonials from our happy clients.

"It is not often I give a 5 Star rating, however I can without a doubt highly recommend the work done by Campbell from Design Zeen Marketing Agency."
Shane Johnston
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"I'm so happy with the quality of my new website. We can now confidently begin the marketing of my accounting business. I will definitely be working with Design Zeen, and will recommend their services."
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"The lead time was written on the quote, frequent updates were given, and targets were met. The quality of the solution was excellent, it exceeded my expectations, I'm ecstatic about the results. Happy Client!!!!"
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"I had the pleasure to engage with Campbell on a project that i am passionate about and was pleased to find that he shared the same passion to deliver a design that exceeded my expectations."
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Why you should work with a Google ads Agency.

There are many reasons why you should work with a google ads agency, here are just 4 reasons why you should work with a Harrisburg Google ads management.

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Expert Advice

Our team of SEO & Google ads specialist are trained and experienced in creating and managing effective Google ad campaigns. We keep updated with the latest trends, best practices, and strategies to help your business achieve its goals and achieve better results more efficiently.

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Time Saving

Managing Google Ads campaigns can be time-consuming and require ongoing attention. By outsourcing this work to our Google Ads agency, your business can free up time to focus on other important areas of their business.

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While it may seem counterintuitive, but working with a Google Ads agency can actually be cost-effective in the long run. Agencies have the tools and expertise to optimize campaigns to achieve the best possible ROI for your business. They your help business avoid costly mistakes that can lead to wasted ad spend.

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Ultimately, the goal of working with a Google Ads agency is to achieve results. Agencies are focused on delivering results. By working with an agency, businesses can have confidence in their advertising efforts and track their progress towards achieving their goals.

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What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google that allows businesses to display ads on Google's search results pages and other Google properties.

How does Google Ads work?

Businesses create ads that are displayed to people who search for specific keywords on Google. The ads appear at the top and bottom of search results pages, as well as on other Google properties such as YouTube and Gmail. Advertisers bid on keywords and pay for each click on their ads (pay-per-click or PPC).

How much does Google Ads cost?

The cost of Google Ads varies depending on the industry, competition, and ad placement. Advertisers set a budget for their ads and pay for each click. The cost per click can range from a few cents to several dollars, depending on the keywords and competition.

How do I set up a Google Ads campaign?

To set up a Google Ads campaign, you need to create an account on the Google Ads platform and create your ads. You'll need to choose your targeting options, such as geographic location and demographics, and set your budget and bids. You'll also need to create ad copy and creatives that are relevant and compelling to your target audience.

How do I track the performance of my Google Ads campaign?

Google Ads provides a range of performance metrics that you can track, including clicks, impressions, click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per conversion. You can also set up conversion tracking to track specific actions on your website, such as form submissions or purchases.

How long does it take to see results from a Google Ads campaign?

The time it takes to see results from a Google Ads campaign can vary depending on the industry, competition, and ad placement. However, many businesses start seeing results within a few weeks of launching their campaigns. It's important to continuously optimize and test your ads to achieve the best possible results.

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