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SEO boosts sales of a healthy snack shop by 384%
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Zuzanna's Wellness

Project Details


1. Increase online sales by improving the website's organic Google search ranking.

2. To improve the website's user experience with the objective to increase sales conversions.


Step 1: Launch an SEO audit to see where website can be enhanced, create a on page SEO strategy to improve on-page user experience and search presence.

Step 2: Change the online store theme and personalize the design for the best customer experience.

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Ranking number 1 for ‘healthy rusks to buy’.

ZuZanna's Wellness ranks first in South African Search Engine Results Pages for the search term 'healthy rusks to buy.'


Increased by 384%

Sales soared by 384% in the third quarter (Q3) when we took on the client in August compared to July - these results have been sustained from September 2022 forward.


Increase by

Returning customer rate improved by 11% in September 2022.



"outstanding work you have been doing on my online shop, google account and work towards building a strong digital presence and SEO ranking."
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